Discover Hype Energy’s Redesigned Product Range

Posted on 24/02/2016

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Hype Energy products are more consistent and recognisable, now tied together with a black panel and matt black lid. Some may call the curved design ‘racing stripes’ and gives the products a fluid and stylish finish. The new designs have a distinct modern and trendy look that is sure to entice you.


MFP has improved the detail of the iconic carbon fibre background, linked to it’s roots in Formula One, and it’s vibrant MFP green color. Concentrate on the intense action and keep up your game with MFP. It will get your adrenaline running as fast as the motors.


The new MFP glass bottle gives the original MFP a sleek and premium look, which is guaranteed to make you stand out on the dance floor. Now with a resealable screw top, you can keep the VIP party going all night long.


MFP Sugar Free has a white carbon fibre background, reflecting its light and agile body. If you are thinking of heading to the gym for a quick workout and need to reenergize, simply take an MFP Sugar Free and save yourself from doing double the workout. MFP Sugar Free has no calories, no sugar and is a healthier version of an energy drink with a mix of natural juices, vitamins and caffeine.

hype MFP Sugar free website


UP explores the daring side with an intense mix of red and blue arrows, calling all skateboarders and BMX riders who want to smash the greatest air jump. Or if parkour is more your style, after a can of UP, you will want to pull off some gainers in front of your friends and be on top of your game. Forget that hot and sweaty feeling, the ice berry flavor is perfect for cooling down and refreshing your senses. 


With summer just around the corner, MOJITO will keep you going and invigorate your taste buds. The new floral design brings to life the ultra mint and lime taste, which can be appreciated all year long. If you enjoy a game of volleyball or surfing some waves, you can enjoy the same great taste of a real Mojito with 0.0% alcohol


Hype is always on top of fashion trends with Enlite! The fantastic pink pattern showcases the cosmopolitan and feminine side of Hype and is guilt free with only 24 calories. Ladies, better make sure you have this treat in your bag before a night on the town!

160224 Hype Energy New Design inline 

The pocket-sized Hype Shot, mirrors the MFP design with its carbon fibre finish. Don’t be fooled and underestimate the shot, as it delivers the functionality of a full sized energy drink. Just reach in your pocket and recharge! 


Take a peak at the back of the can, or at the top of your Hype Energy Shot to see the new Hype Energy emblem #MFP. These incredible design improvements will bring together a cohesive product range while giving a unique identity to each energy drink.


Hype Energy is not just drinks, it’s a lifestyle choice, have you chosen yours?