Epsilon eSports In-Game Clips #8 - Giuseppe Guastella conquers North America

Posted on 26/04/2017

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The FIFA Pro Player won the FIFA Ultimate Team Regionals and will be present at the FUTC in Berlin in May.

Last week, Hype Energy's partner Epsilon eSports launched a brand new FIFA Academy roster. Within this new team they hired the American FIFA pro player Giuseppe Guastella, who took part in the America Regional Season 2 qualifier held in Vancouver in the framework of the FIFA Iinternational World Championship (FIWC) tournament.

And how did Giuseppe fare? He only won the tournament!! He is now qualified for the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Series in Berlin, his last step before the big FIWC finals in London.

In this week's In-Game Clips video, we've made a selection of top moments from @Guastella11 making it to the top of America’s FIFA Ultimate Team Regionals and winning the grand finals! Go, Guastella, goooo!!