Gamers: Hype Energy presents #AltEx

Posted on 14/01/2016

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A Project where photography, arts, energy and video games mix. 

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It is no secret that video games and energy drinks are the perfect match for long hours playing at home, with your friends or online the whole weekend! Every time we meet afterwork to “game", we make sure to pick up some drinks from the office's fridge to keep us focused on the most important thing: beating our colleagues at FIFA 2016, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 or F1 Video Game!


We also love Art, and recognise talent and artistic manners in almost everything we do. On our way to the office, during lunch time, watching a movie or, as mentioned before, playing video games. So why not mix some of our passions like photography, video games, social media and Hype Energy drinks? One of Hype Energy's graphic designers and photographer Jose Wela has his answer: #ProjectAltEx


AltEx stands for "Alternative realities, real Experiences". That's how Jose defines his photographic travels inside different generation's video games. These games provide an open world to explore with characters that have complex behavior thanks to artificial intelligence programming. A virtual camera is provided in which you can control the full parameters of photography, such as focus, aperture, speed, exposure, and gives the virtual photographer the ability to have a real photographic experience, in which he or she is not only taking a screenshot, but choosing what, when and how to photograph it. Ever-changing weather conditions and unique adventures creates a photographers dream world just like in the real world.


Hype Energy will be posting images from the most recognizable video games, and many of Jose Wela's artistic in-game images once a week. We want you to get involved in the project by posting your own pictures, from your favorite video games, and using the hashtag #AltEx. We will repost publicly the best images and credit the artists on our social networks!


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