Hemmakväll unleashes their newest hit: Hype Energy AfterDark

Posted on 01/12/2015

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Hype Energy is bringing the heat to Sweden with their hottest new flavor... Hype Energy AfterDark - Cinnamon Syndrome 45C · Limited Edition - is already available in Hemmakväll stores!

Having entered the Swedish market this past September, Hype Energy is now bringing their newest flavor exclusively to Hemmakväll stores with the product to expand across the country in January 2016.

AfterDark is Hype’s daring new flavor with a mix of bold cinnamon and pepper. Complete with a Skull designed package, it’s a unique spin on the typical energy drink. Perfect as a mixer or cold drink to sip, it will ramp up your evening! 

151202 AfterDark in Hemmakvall web 2