Hype Energy announces new distribution deal at largest festival in Moldova

Posted on 10/07/2017

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Hype Energy drinks are now available in Moldova! 

On the 2nd of July 2017, Moldova held the largest and most successful music festival in its nation’s history. Hype Energy was featured as the main sponsor for the event linked to a new distribution deal making Hype Energy drinks now available in Moldova.  

FOSFOR is an electronic music festival located near Moldova’s capital, Chisinau. It is one of the fastest growing festivals in Europe, with over 24,000 people attending the festival this year. This edition was a great success, with 18 of the best Dj’s from across Europe including: Key D, Retrohandz, Dj NAD and CRVCK JVCK.    

Fosfor Music Hype Energy 

The event is known for it’s stunning combinations of color, light and music attracting festival-goers from all over Europe. Attendees experienced an overwhelming sensual adventure, especially when the FOSFOR staff covered the crowd with a huge amount of phosphorescent paint from the Hype Energy paint gun. 

Fosfor Music Festival Hype Energy

Hype Energy branding featured prominently at the event; Hype Energy girls drew attention far and wide from festival-goers to Dj’s and Hype Energy MFP Sugar Free cans energized Dj’s throughout their sets on stage. Hype Energy banners were spread throughout the event and a Hype branded Ford Mustang was a highlight for many onlookers. 

Fosfor Electronic Hype Energy

Arthur Caraccio, Marketing and Media expert at Hype Energy stated the following regarding the decision to publicly release the announcement of Hype entering Moldova at the festival:   

“We wanted to properly announce our distribution agreement in Moldova, to make sure that it made as much noise as possible across the whole country. Partnering up with the FOSFOR Festival and becoming general partner was a real success and proved to be the right move for Hype Energy. We look forward to participating in next year’s edition. Stay Hyped, Moldova!”

Fosfor Music Festival DJ

The Hype Energy distribution team in Moldova is confident that the successful launch at FOSFOR 2017 will be the start of a long and prosperous partnership with Hype Energy and that Moldovan people will stay Hyped for years to come!