Hype Energy is now available in Senegal!

Posted on 02/05/2016

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We are very happy to announce the most glamorous energy drink in the global market has landed in beautiful Senegal.


Hype Energy Senegal inline image


Hype Energy is one of the leading energy drinks in Africa as they celebrate their release in Senegal. The distribution commenced on March 18th, 2016 in Dakar and will soon be across other cities in Senegal.


The anticipation doesn’t stop there, as the distribution is expanding as time goes on; Hype is already available in Kenya, Rwanda, Djibouti, Mauritius, Egypt and Morocco and, later this month, Hype will launch in South Africa. 


Launching this fantastic opportunity, is the leading distribution agency in Senegal, Kahone Trading & Marketing.


"We are very excited to launch Hype, the fashionista of energy drinks in Senegal, as our expectation in the coming future is to change consumers purchasing behavior in buying Hype Energy as a leading lifestyle companion for all activities.”


This is great news for Hype Energy, as they live by the ‘it’s not just a drink, it’s a lifestyle choice’ outlook and now millions of people in Senegal are able to experience the true meaning first hand. 


Senegal is known for it’s love of music and nightlife, so senegalese people can enjoy the delicious taste of the popular MFP, UP, Mojito and AfterDark energy drinks


hype energy senegal inline 


Hype Energy is sure to gain a large following, as they’ll be keeping people partying all night and making the most of their evenings. These four flavors are now available in many bars, clubs, restaurants and leading stores/neighbourhood shops, as shown below: 


- FunX of EYDON
- Market of OIL LIBYA
- ATAC Supermarkets
- EXCLUSIVE Hypermarket


Hype energy is already available in Senegal, so now is the time to grab a can and enjoy maximum energy!