Hype Energy Partners Up With Ibiza Delivers

Posted on 07/06/2016

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Relax, feel the summer vibes and get this party started with Hype Energy Drinks and Ibiza Delivers!


Hype Energy is now available on ibizadelivers.com, including our best selling products MFP, MFP Sugar Free, Mojito and the exquisite AfterDark


Ibiza Delivers is the leading online supermarket for one of the most anticipated holiday destinations in the world. Well-known for its association with nightlife, world famous DJs and electronic music, Ibiza is the go-to destination for summer club scenes. 


In 2013, Ibiza Delivers Provisions was launched and proved itself to be the island’s leading yacht provisioning service. With deliveries on villas, homes and yachts, 7 days a week, Ibiza Delivers goes the extra mile to provide any item from anywhere in the world. 


The Hype Energy Lifestyle is all about letting go and enjoying the party to its full extent; with Ibiza Delivers, planning and revitalising the night has never been easier. We are proud to be Ibiza Delivers’ official partner for this upcoming summer. 

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