Hype Energy Plans For the Weekend (Part Two)

Posted on 07/04/2016

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"Hype Energy is not just an energy drink, it's a lifestyle choice..." 


Take this drink to a music concert, unwind and let your inhibitions flow. MFP is full of energy that will leave you in a trance and dancing your cares away, ensuring you enjoy every moment. MFP delivers maximum energy, so you can power through the whole weekend. 


Nothing will get your adrenaline running like this will, take your board and hit the slopes, experience the rush of speeding down the mountains and flying through the air. This drink is perfect for those who want to get their blood running, without raising their blood pressure. As they say, sometimes less is more...

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Safely enjoy the taste of an alcohol free Mojito with Hype Energy. This drink can be enjoyed on its own, as it combines different juices to imitate the same addictive taste as a real Mojito. So whether you are a surfer and like to cruise the waves on a lovely summers day; whilst relaxing in between breaks with a nice cold drink. Choose MOJITO and refresh your senses.


Calling all BMX riders and skateboarders, this drink is brilliant for those who like to always be on the move and keep their energy levels high. Excel at your tricks and be alert for every move, every action and every landing you make. UP is for those who lead an active lifestyle and need that extra kick to keep them on top of their game, whilst also benefitting from 10 vitamins.

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Indulge your taste buds and invigorate yourself with this delicious cosmopolitan drink. Enlite is a low calorie, low sugar drink, which will fit in perfectly with your fitness regime. Whether you are an avid runner, or enjoy some light yoga, you can benefit from this drink and feel guilt free doing so. Keep Enlite in your bag, energise yourself in the mornings and enjoy your weekend in high spirits. 


Planning to spend your weekend at an hardcore rave, hitting the town for a few drinks, or just having some friends around. If so, AfterDark is made especially for these late nights. Do not let tiredness, or early mornings stop you from having fun, life is too short to keep saying ‘next time’. Grab a can of AfterDark, head out for the night and go release your dark side!

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