#Hypelife has landed... Be part of the action!

Posted on 26/08/2016

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Hype are gearing up and ready to bring you #Hypelife, the new Instagram trend that is about to go viral on 2nd September 2016!


#Hypelife is where fans, or anybody who discovers the page and wants to be involved, posts a short clip of what Hype means to them on their Instagram account. For example, a sports trick, a day at the beach, a party, a music festival, traveling, or even crazy times with your friends.


Do not worry if you do not have a can of Hype, or we do not sell in your country, we appreciate our fans worldwide and we also want you to be a part of the action. So come on, we want to see it all, the more adventurous and unusual, the better we say. Be original and show us your Hype! 


We will be choosing the best video every week to upload to our Instagram channel and we’ll even thank you by sending you a few Hype drinks. Now you cannot say it gets better than that! 


Just make sure to upload your video and hashtag #hypelife and you could be featured on our page!