#HypeOnTour has arrived!

Posted on 06/03/2017

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What is Hype on tour?


#HypeOnTour is a weekly post on Hype Energy’s Instagram page which features fan taken photos of Hype Energy cans at different locations around the world.


HypeOnTour 1


What should I take a photo of if I want to enter?


You can take a photo of anything at any place you want to. You could be at the beach, at a famous monument, on holiday or even just at home. The more artistic and creative you are the better, as the best photos will be posted on our Instagram account and the photographer featured will receive a range of exclusive Hype Energy gifts. There is just one rule: the photo must feature a can of Hype Energy.


HypeOnTour 2


Hype Energy gifts?


If your photo is featured on the Hype Energy Instagram account you will receive a number of special limited edition Hype Energy goodies including:


  • Hype Energy Limited Edition Sahara Force India cans
  • Hype Energy “Boombox” speaker
  • Hype Energy Merchandise, e.g. bags, lanyards, t-shirts etc


HypeOnTour prizes


How do I participate? 


> Grab your favorite can of Hype Energy

> Take a photo at a location of your choice featuring the can

> Post it on social media and use the hashtag #HypeOnTour


It’s as easy as that! 


Check out #HypeOnTour on our Instagram page: www.instagram.com/hypeenergydrinks/