Lucky Egyptian Wins This Year’s Abu Dhabi F1 Contest

Posted on 07/11/2016

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Stay in a 5 star hotel, meet two of the best F1 drivers in the world and spend your free time in a city with the world's largest hand-loomed carpet, the fastest roller coaster, the tower with the greatest lean and the largest cluster of cultural buildings of the 21st century. Hype Energy was proud to be the holder of a competition to win all of this all inclusive trip to Abu Dhabi for two. Is there a better F1 competition in the world? We bet you can’t find one!!


The competition had over 8,000 entries, 1,500 retweets and 1,000 likes on Facebook. Clearly the competition generated much excitement and the winner was eagerly anticipated. On November the second the winner was finally released! The incredibly lucky winner is Muhammed Ayman; a young, enthusiastic individual from Egypt. Muhammed was ecstatic when he found out that he would soon be hopping on a flight to Abu Dhabi to watch the climatic finish of this year’s Formula 1. Check out his Instagram page to see updates during his amazing journey at @mohamedayman995


“I can’t believe I have won. I still wonder myself how it happened as I knew there were many F1 fans from al around the world entering the competition. I can’t believe I will be able to meet such big stars in person, to visit Abi Dhabi and even attend Rihanna’s concert!!!” the winner stated.


Abu Dhabi Comp Winner text


Is that a it? Will I ever have the opportunity to win such a fantastic competition again?


The answer is yes!!!! Hype Energy are planning on starting loads more exciting and interesting contests and competitions in the upcoming months with more amazing prizes and rewards. Make sure you follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook so you can keep up to date with all of the new contests and perhaps next time you could be the person who is about to win incredible Hype and F1 goodies or to go on a trip of a lifetime…