Hype Energy Introduces New Design for 2019

Posted on 21/12/2018

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The new design will improve visibility and differentiation of Hype Energy's product range on shelves.


When it comes to standing out in the store, color and design are crucial, the new design will be rolled out in 2019 with this in mind. A striking 'band' element across the upper part of the can creates clear product recognition and acts as a bold differentiator against the competition. Punchy colors and iconic design cues come together on the can face, in dark or bright lighting you'll be able to recognize the refined Hype Energy design.

The new color 'band' dominates the upper part of the can, making it easier than ever for consumers to spot their favorite Hype Energy flavor on the shelf.



Since the introduction of the black front panel across Hype Energy's full range, the high contrast and unique design has been central to capturing consumer attention, the design enhancements being announced today are an extension of that theme, bringing familiar Hype Energy elements and an eye catching look onto your favorite can. You’ll be able to find the new designs as they roll out across markets throughout 2019.