Adrenaline fueled fun!

Posted on 21/06/2017

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An incredible adventure awaits... Skydiving, Free Flying and BASE Jumping around the most beautiful locations in Europe!


A group of incredibly talented social media influencers are road tripping across Europe to provide you with content that’s going to get you hyped! Participants include: actor and model, Sherif Fayed, extreme sports athlete Shady Beshr and Youtuber Vitaly Zdorevetskiy. They will be skydiving, wingsuiting, free flying and BASE jumping their way into the skydiving history books.


Our Hype Energy influencers are ready to show you their extreme lifestyle and incredible feats of bravery and skill at stunning locations around Europe including within Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Hungary, Croatia and Spain.


Is Europe ready to handle an Extreme Hype Energy adventure? Follow our Instagram account and check out the hashtag #HypeEnergyTour to find out!


Shady Beshr Hype Energy Skydive